With the latest patch, we were told that loot would be addressed & the issues with containers(Dressers, Cabinets, etc) & general loot not found in containers would respawn properly and we’d be able to find things much easier.

This is true and with a fresh restart, we’re finding gear both good and bad. Point is, we’re finding items. After the first wave of items gets cleared out, their are reports of people not finding anything for hours exception of a few items(myself included).

This completely has a negative impact on gameplay. You’re forcing people who would rather scavenge to find items into killing players when they’d rather only kill to defend themselves. H1Z1 is designed around scavenging and surviving. When one of these core design’s is canceled out and you’re left with surviving, how does it remain fun? PVP only games are boring. You need that PVE element aside from managing Hydration & Hunger to stay intact.


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Update #2 is just rolling out and their are some significant fixes to some outstanding issues.
Click the image or down below for an entire list!

Some of the big issues that I’ve ran into or are being fixed would have to be items not respawning inside containers,  and running into people with duped ammo.

I’m hoping that the recipe for Metal Doors aren’t too extravagant and can fit on anything Wood. Metal is hard to come by, lol.



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Between streaming and recording, I’ve managed to finally finish what I call the “Early Game Survival Guide”.

This guide highlights some tricks and items that will dramatically help you with surviving or tips that will increase your odds against nature or other players.

This will continue to be updated once we discover new ways to help you or new recipes that are more crucial initially that you should focus on.

Check it out!

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H1Z1 finally released, and thanks to Greg Henninger, Community Manager of H1Z1, has posted 10 survival tips and tricks you can rely on when the flood gates break open.


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Details were finally ironed out and we’ve settled on a stream schedule that could benefit our Youtube, Twitch, and the website.

Monday – Friday: 8AM – 4PM
Saturday – Sunday: 10AM – 4PM
Schedule is based on Central Standard Time(CST).
This is in effect starting on January 15th, 2015.

Thank you everyone for supporting everything “EndGameTactics”. Your viewership of the content I put out really do help me with the day-to-day.

Thanks to H1Z1, we’re in this for the long haul. We’re committed. Join us on this journey!

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H1Z1 is right around the corner and with that, I’m sharing with you tips to find out if you can potentially run it or what you can do to increase performance!

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Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta launches on the 14th and with that, a major patch!
Thrall, new battleground, mounts, hero skins, and a handful of new game features.

Thrall, Son of Durotan, will be an Assassin hero to much surprise and will be launching with two skins, Master Thrall & Hellhammer Thrall.

I’ll try and whip out a build or two for this new hero guide prior to H1Z1 launching if possible.

For a preview of all the skins and new mounts available on the 14th, check it out down below!

Playing a little bit of D3, I’d like to share with you some exciting news surrounding H1Z1, the launch of EndGameTactics.v2, and our livestream status & schedule!

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Sony Online Entertainments new IP titled “H1Z1″, is set to debut its early access on January 15th, in 8 days.

I’ve been discussing how good this will be for the genre to have a real company behind it that truly do care about their community, but I continue to hit a brick wall with the masses.

The last few years, we’ve had a few questionable companies shell out their product with these huge promise of features we could expect and either never delivering on them, or taking much longer than they originally promised in a half finished state.

To show you how much better it will be, I’m going to have to mention some of the bad seeds we’ve had to deal with these past few years, then we’ll get to SOE and their stand in the group. With that, How will SOE deliver on the hype train?


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What’s more fun than being hunted in Contagion? Why, how about some Diablo 3 rifts to strip creatures of their legendary’s! To celebrate the Early Access of H1Z1 that is right around the corner, join me as I tryout all of the game-modes Contagion has to offer. Our Diablo 3 Crusader is close to perfection so join us as we search for the fabled item, “The Furnace”. Tune in live at 6:00PM CST to see if we survive the zombie hordes or finally get lucky in Diablo 3.

Game: Diablo 3 & Contagion
Host: Egtactics
Date: Saturday – Friday, January 4th-9th, 2014
Time: 6:00 p.m. CST

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This has been a big year for me personally and the website. I couldn’t be more excited for 2015, to see if we can make our goals.

Before we get into upcoming releases, I’d like to take a moment and thank you for those that visit the website and check out our content. I’ve taken the challenge of doing both the content & graphical sides of the website. As a result, some things come at a delayed rate. Part of the process, sorry amigos.

The goal this time around was to make a content driven community. If you’ve got something, gaming related news or to the games we cover, PLEASE tweet it to us. We will most likely do an article on it!

2015 is shaping out to be a big year for gaming, with one of the most hyped releases in recent memory from SOE, H1Z1.

I can’t help but fanboy when my favorite gaming company(SOE) is coming out with a Zombie MMO-Survival Sandbox. They’ve literally changed the game with their increased transparency on their newer products, allowing the communities to really have a say in how their game is created.

H1Z1 is fifteen days away, and I couldn’t be more excited for Early Access.

Heroes of the Storm will be entering Beta on January 13th, and is looking pretty damn good.

We’ve been given the opportunity to hit the ground floor to something truly special. It still remains a fresh IP and still hasn’t gone F2P, reducing the amount of hype around it.

Still a lot of heroes to cover so please bear with us, we’re still learning a few things to speed things along.

Happy New Years. See you in 2015!


While I love playing a open world sandbox survival game, there are times where I’d rather play something a little more exciting and just pure “up in your face” fun. Contagion fulfills that need.

Developed and published by Monochrome LLC, this is a game that has improved so much since its Early Access last year!

It has four different game modes; Hunted,Co-op, Extraction, and Escape.

Similar to L4D, minus the stupid zombie variations, you’re going to have an absolute blast playing this. Each map or round, the map is changed up to add a little it of variation. This doesn’t seem like a lot but it can really change how certain maps are played.

If you’re wanting a high fps Arcade zombie game, Contagion is hands down one of the best available on Steam.

Game is currently on sale for $10.00 on Steam, 50% off!

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I find myself wanting to play something relating to zombies a lot of the time and I always dive into Breaking Point, a mod for Arma 3. Until H1Z1 of course.

Just a little history, I was playing “Dayz Mod” prior to its huge blowup through Twitch and Youtube and I’ve played just about every “zombie MMO” that’s came out since.. even the god awful ones(cough WarZ).

Breaking Point sparks that old love for “Dayz Mod” with a huge item inventory, classes, quality made maps, Havens(Housing), and so much scavenging!

The only negative you’ll run into only relates to Arma 3 itself if you aren’t running a quality setup. Larger maps like Altis or the newly released Bornholm, have an insane amount of things to render and can drop your frames considerably.

If you have Arma 3, love survival/zombie games, I seriously recommend you try out Breaking Point.

It’ll definitely hold you over till H1Z1’s release on January 15th.

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Tychus Findlay, the Notorious Outlaw, has joined the Heroes of the Storm team.

We’re trying out a new format that’s more of a guide than just a build listing for my favorite hero so let me know via @EndGameTactics if we should keep it!


After some buckling down, our  Heroes of the Storm role pages are finally finished. While most of these heroes aren’t currently available for build viewing yet, this is where you come in.

If you’re familiar with any of the Heroes and comfortable doing a little write-up on the build you’re submitting, we’ll do all graphic work, add it and credit you for it!

We’ve now got a submission form for builds, so have at it!

Zagara, the Broodmother of the Swarm, has joined the  Heroes of the Storm ranks.

There are very few builds for Zagara that are efficient for Versus and we’ve got them!

H1Z1 had probably one of their most entertaining and insightful streams yet. We got to get see a sneak peek of what looks like the release build for Early Access which will be available January 15th, 2015.

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Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, will help us debut our Hero Build guides for  Heroes of the Storm!

We’ve got a few builds to help you experiment and we will be adding more in the near future!

Click the header for some builds!

I’m excited to announce the  Heroes of the Storm section of our website has officially launched!

We’ve got a lot of plans and guides already in-development, but we’re always looking to showcase good gameplay or epic highlight reels.

Click the header for more details!

Today is the official re-launch of EndGameTactics.com. Its been a long year and I’m glad to be back doing what I love.

I originally started the site two years ago to make my mark with the launch of “Mists of Pandaria” and to share the knowledge I had.


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